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Course Content

Lesson 1: Preparing Data and Creating PivotTables

 Topic A: Prepare Data

 Topic B: Create a PivotTable from a Local Data Source

 Topic C: Create a PivotTable from Multiple Local Data Sources

 Topic D: Create a PivotTable from an External Data Source


Lesson 2: Analyzing Data by Using PivotTables

 Topic A: Summarize PivotTable Data

 Topic B: Organize PivotTable Data

 Topic C: Filter PivotTable Data

 Topic D: Format a PivotTable

 Topic E: Refresh and Change PivotTable Data


Lesson 3: Working with PivotCharts

 Topic A: Create a PivotChart

 Topic B: Manipulate PivotChart Data

 Topic C: Format a PivotChart



Excel Pivot Tables (course material only)